Most of the world still largely relies on conventional power plants, instead of renewable energy. Unsurprisingly, Denmark has come up with a solution. The little country has set big goals towards full sustainability by renewable energy. Although not particularly sunny, it was the first country to build massive offshore wind power plants that play a major role in the solution.

Denmark’s Fully Renewable Energy Plan

A bill passed by the Folketinget dictates that renewables will power the entire country by the year 2050.

Some might laugh off at the country’s optimistic goals, but looking at where they stand in regards to their milestones, you see how real it is.

Currently, Denmark gains more than 40% of its electric grid energy through renewable sources, heading toward 50% by 2020.

Now compare that to their 2035 goal, when it’s said that 100% of the country’s power and heat will come from renewables.

We start to get an idea of how real and achievable things are and that they go even further of the idea of electric cars.

In fact, renewable sources power the grid so efficiently, that the price crashes at times that were previously most profitable.

That creates a problem when scaling since such price fluctuations cause the conventional power plants to shut down.

This forces the government to maintain them working with subsidiaries since they are used in times with weak sunlight and wind, where backup energy is needed.

Denmark's Renewable Energy Plan 2050

All in all, technological advancement will definitely make it easier to reach this goal.

Fully-renewable energy on such a large scale is an outcome not only possible but one already happening.


    • The good news is that many European countries have already achieved their 2020 goals. This also includes many of the smaller and less developed states, according to data from 2015. The European leader in this category is Sweden with more than 52%, followed by Finland and Latvia by more than 38%.


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