An investigation led by EU’s lead competition official Magrethe Vestager, fines Google for abusing their market position to harm their internet rivals.

Specifically their Google Shopping comparison tool, has been unfairly boosted and harming competition

An illegal advantage

“What Google has done is illegal under EU antitrust rules”

Vestager said in a statement.

“It denied other companies the chance to compete on the merits and to innovate. And most importantly, it denied European consumers a genuine choice of services and the full benefits of innovation.”

Although Google has been fighting the EU-charges for long, the punishment is now final. Google has to change its practices before 90 days or face further penalties.

The decision from EU will not impact other markets, but it is a signal from Europe to U.S. regulators who actually stopped investigating Google’s search without bigger penalties back in 2013.

EU, with Magrethe Vestager has brought complaints agains Androis system, and online advertising practices aswell.

And earlier last year, EU ordered Apple to pay up 14,5$ billion dollars in missing tax payments.


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