Predictions and fortune tellers can sometimes confuse us and spark our curiosity, especially if they are accurate and turn out to be true.

In his book, “Business @ the Speed of Thought” published in 1999 Bill Gates made 15 outrageous predictions that actually became true despite everyone’s suspiciousness.


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1. Mobile phones

Bill Gates predicted smart devices – smartphones and smart watches.

They took over the world by storm making it easy to access your flight booking, your online shopping, your bank account and much, much more.

They will be able to check the news, see flights they have booked, get information from financial markets, and do just about anything else on these devices.”

2. Websites for comparing prices

There are dozens of websites that offer price comparison.

All you need to do is type in the item you are looking for.

What you will get is a listing of shops with a price comparison of each item.

Saving has never been easier.

Price Grabber and NextTag are among most popular price-comparison websites.

3. Device connections and Personal Assistants

Gates predicted personal assistants and the so called Internet of things – possibility to connect physical things and exchange data.

Google Now is a modern embryo of Personal Assistant for mobile phones.

Meanwhile, you can adjust the temperature of your house or store data about your everyday routines using smart devices like Nest.

On the other side, we have voice controlled devices such as Google Home.

What it does is that it reads your e-mails or the recipe while you are cooking.

4. Online banking and improved healthcare system using the Web

Website ZocDoc is another prediction come true: you can schedule your appointment online.

Meanwhile, Forward and One Medical start-ups grow towards improving and modernizing healthcare by introducing monthly memberships for online medical care.

5. Social Media

Millions of people can’t imagine their life without Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp.

Social media platforms became an everyday habit (and addiction for some), just like Bill predicted.

6. Online monitoring

Online monitoring is now available thanks to surveillance and door bell cameras.

Tech has gone so far that you can actually play with your pet while away using Petcube for controlling the laser.

7. Live discussions on sports websites

Social media and smartphones made it possible to be anywhere at any time.

This is seen even during your favorite match – you can chat and discuss the game from the comfort of your chair as if you were in a sports bar with friends.

Twitter is the world’s favorite right now when it comes to live events reporting.

8. Targeted automated offers

Although this may raise privacy issues, certain websites such as Kayak or Expedia have software that automatically remembers your purchases.

It also gathers data such as booked trips which it uses to promote relevant offers on your Facebook profile or while surfing other web pages.

9. Smart ads

Similar to software which memorizes your choices, you have targeted smart advertising based on your Google searches, clicks, purchases, etc.

10. Boards for online discussions

Nowadays it’s a normal thing to join an online discussion.

But in 1999 when Gates predicted this, not everyone understood his idea.

Forums and discussion boards made it possible to discuss different topics with people from all over the world.

Social media plays a major role in modern politics; people create pages, groups and collect signatures for protests against various events or actions.

11. Live TV advertisement of links to websites

We all know how annoying pop-up ads are.

Bill Gates predicted exactly this: linking to other websites even during live events.

QR codes, Twitter or Instagram profiles are often popping out as a call to action.

12. Software for project managing

The (sad for some and not so sad for others) the truth is that software is now able to replace humans in certain tasks.

You can now manage a whole team with the help of a single software that assigns tasks, organizes your team and helps you recruit.

13. Websites based on your interest rather than location

Internet traffic relies on targeting audience interest, and not location.

Websites like Reddit are a good example of such websites.

Divided into sections and based on different interests, the site is easy to navigate and makes it easy to find your cup of tea.

14. Software for business community

Gig economy is a big thing in the 21st century.

Upwork and other freelancer websites are one of Bill Gates’ prediction coming true: people bid or give quotes for work, upload their work at contests and “fish” for bigger projects.

It’s easy to connect with potential business partners and grow your business.

15. Online recruiting

One of the last predictions is about online recruiting websites like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a website that made life easier for both recruiters and people who are looking for jobs.

All you need to do is upload your CV, complete your profile and you are in the game.

Recruiters can find potential candidates based on keywords and skills.

And now the predictions:

Bill Gates Predictions That Are Reality Today Tech Blog Trendy Penguin

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