How SpaceX managed to launch their second and their payloads over the period of 48 hours with their reusable rockets.


Reusable Rockets

The historic event was made possible by the company’s reusable rockets.

Two Falcon 9s, armed with 9 Merlin Engines each is what carried the satellites into orbit.

The first satellite carrying BulgariaSat’s equipment was launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

It was delivered by a reusable rocket, which miraculously landed successfully on the drone ship in the sea, even after Musk announced the low probability of that happening.

That marked the first time Bulgaria puts a communication satellite in space.

The second launch put ten satellites in orbit for the telecommunications company Iridium.

The payload was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, located in California.

For Iridium, this launch delivered the second batch of the planned 70 satellites, part of a mobile communication network.

This achievement for SpaceX and the industry would not have been possible without the reusable rocket technology.

Both of the launches made use of reusable rockets marking the second and third time the company has done such a thing.

The reusable rocket technology provides companies with much lower rates of space flight, advancing spaceflight exponentially.

Musk often argues that neither cars nor airplanes would be a viable option if we could use them only once.

Reusable Rocket SpaceX BulgariaSAT Iridium

Applying the same approach to the space industry, one can see the insignificant amount required the fuel in a single space flight – only $200,000 compared to the $16 million sum that a new rocket costs.

Spaceflight is expensive, and that’s no secret to anyone.

Lowering the cost has clear benefits not only for SpaceX but all humanity.

And while he is saving the world, you can enjoy this time-lapse video of this week’s Falcon 9 landing.

Sped up version of today's rocket landing on the Droneship Just Read the Instructions (guess it did)

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