Robots, artificial intelligence and computers taking away jobs, is on every politicians mind, all over the world. A fear of job-loss is spreading amongst the general public, in this case the storage-units are designed to prevent job-loss in

“We can feel the pressure from both USA and China, the lower wages in these countries compared to Denmark makes them Dangerous to our business-model. Thats why we chose to invest heavily in increasing productivity and thereby making us ready to survive the increasingly competitive online landscape”

So says Frederik, founder of

AvXperten is a privately held business, with no funding and has invested what compares to 4 years of earnings in 7, 10 meter tall storage units from Kardex Remstar. Besides increasing productivity and lowering shipping-costs, the storage units will be able to contain up to 34,000 different SKU’ locations on just 104m2.

A better work place is a big plus

The serving bays also keeps the employees from having to climb ladders and crawl to the floor, to reach upper and lower shelves.

The storage robots makes work much more effecient and smooth. When an employee is handling an order, the machine will automatically find the right SKU’ for the orders.

Enabling them to handle carts with 50 orders at a time, makes the machines much more effecient, because it always work on the shortest route and helps you pick maybe 1 unit for order 35, and then 2 units for order 14. Because it saves time.

“our handling errors has been greatly reduced”

Robots are implemented in business all over the world. In this case, empowering the employees, increasing profits, and actually creating a better working environment.
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