Volvo i betting big on electric cars. Recently announcing to drop all production of diesel cars, the company now has a new sister company focused on electric cars.

Lynk & Co is the new automake, born and raised on Chinese money and manufacturing, but spiced with Volvo’s 90-years of engineering experience. Although Lynk & Co is a separate company from Volvo, they must certainly share knowledge, money and experiences

According to Volvo Cars  new electrified strategy Volvo has acquired 100% of Polestar performance to strengthen their electrified goals. The management of Polestar will stay to help Volvo create the worlds best electric cars.

And two days ago Volvo Car Group signed a five-year, 1.3 Billion Euro credit-line revolving 22 participating banks globally.

One can only be excited to see both Volvo Cars new electric cars, and we could suspect that the price-range from the Chineese manufactured Lynk & Ko, would definitely challenge Tesla Motors in pricing.


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